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“Make someone’s day” Favorites
~cause self-love is also about spreading love~


Being YOU is a lifestyle.
It’s an intentional practice. It’s about honoring & loving the
entire YOU. Inside out.  

“My work is to help you create such a lifestyle. One that uplifts your soul & fast-tracks your inner growth.”

Hi there!

I’m Loveleen.

An artist, entrepreneur and self-love advocate committed to helping you embody and celebrate the authentic YOU!​

You’re a self-love newbie, beginning this journey of uncovering the “true” you
You’re learning to love yourself, ready to create a space that uplifts you
You’re diggin’ the “new” you and can’t wait to shine your light!

You’re a Self-Love newbie.
And you’re ready to…
Dig deep.

My work here is to help you uncover the “true” you.
Pick something. Observe & meditate upon it. Get ready to be surprised. 

You’re learning to Love yourself. 
And you’re ready to…
Create your sacred space.
Nurture your soul.
Raise your vibe.

Let’s create a nourishing space to support your growth. 
Make conscious choices. Infuse your space with high-vibe art & decor. 

You’re digging the NEW you! 
And you’re ready to…
Shine your light.
Spread love.

So let’s celebrate this “new” you. 
Stand out, make a statement & save the planet with these eco-conscious pieces. 

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You are Unique.
And you’re braving this Unique Journey​ to…
Uncover the REAL you.
Love the UNIQUE you.
And Celebrate the NEW you.

My work is a fusion of…

1. Creativity

key words – i am the channel, go with the flow, take baby steps, unplanned, intuitive, ​process is the key

2. Spirituality 

key words – filled with good vibes, channel of grounding, intuition, connect with the higher self, listen to Universe. Self awareness/realization. 

3. Life Lessons

key words – sharing personal experiences, what I learned, doodles that express that, asking questions

key words – nudge, introspect, ponder upon, reflect upon – all which will help you uncover your true self. Small size to add on to sacred space, your desk,corner
“My art is soaked with good vibes, inspiration & mindfulness

Hey there! I’m working on a website makeover so will be launching again soon!! Stay tuned 🙂
You can still browse thru my travel diaries & shop!

~be LOVE ~ be YOU~

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