Sustainability – Designs by Loveleen

I love nature. I love talking to plants. I love hugging trees. 
Giving back to Mother Earth is one way I say thanks to Her. 
Few things I’m doing right now to give back are:

Because self-awareness is the first step for our Spiritual Growth. 

​You landed on this page cause your soul is nudging you & you can’t ignore it anymore. Let me guess…

You’re here for one of these reasons:

1. You’ve embarked this infamous journey of spiritual growth. You know in your gut that inner work & living your Truth is THE ONLY WAY to live an abundant life. You’re seeking answers to these deeper questions. 

2. You’ve changed but your lifestyle hasn’t. You no longer resonate with things you loved few years back. Be it your style, your attitude, your home, your work or even your friends! Everything in your life right now echoes the older version of you. And you’re so ready to transform that. 

3. You’re dreaming bigger. You are changing the world. You are inspiring others. You are shining your light. You’re finally living in tune with your Truth. You’re ready to celebrate that with the world.

And that’s exactly why I’m here!
I make art. And ALL the love, calm & joy I experience in meditation is poured into the process of making it. 
Then I transform this art into lifestyle pieces that can be your bff on this spiritual journey. 

Each lifestyle piece embodies a particular Essence. A Divine Truth.
And it’s innate energy is meant to remind you of that Essence within You. 

So when you’re journaling about what’s your Truth, you can pick up my art, dig deep & reflect upon the hidden messages. 

And when this noisy world can no longer give you the answers you seek, you can hibernate in your sacred space & have soulful conversations with my spiritual art.

My lifestyle pieces are those timeless treasures that’ll uplift you & remind you of your Divine Truth, your Essence.

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~be love – be You~                                                                                                                                                                                       

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