Consciously crafted from design to delivery

Positive intention drives every choice at LOVELEEN™️. From the materials we use to the way we ship your purchase, everything has been considered with you and Mother Earth in mind.

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Small batch production

Fast fashion, overproduction and overcomsumption is hurting our planet and all its beings. 

Even though we are a small & emerging brand, we understand it's our responsibility to help our planet and make it easy for our customers to make a conscious choice.

That's why, we:

- Create timeless treasures you can use for years. Trends don't last and cause a high turnover

- Manufacture our products in small batches to avoid overproduction and potential waste

- Release limited edition collections so our products are as unique as you are

- Choose manufacturers & suppliers who offer earth friendly solutions

Upcycling initiatives

Misprints, imperfect products, extra samples are all a part of the design and production process. 

Instead of sending them to landfill, we find unique ways to extend their life cycle

Our recent collaboration with Magpies & Peacocks is a great example. Together we created gorgeous upcycled accessories from imperfectly printed tea towels. Take a look


Our Materials & Fabrics

Eco-friendly from start to finish

We believe beautiful things don’t have to cost our planet. That’s why we only use high quality fabrics & materials that are good for the environment. Here are a few that we often use in our products. 

Purple Scarf: I am Infinite like the Universe

Lenzing Modal

Soft. Breathable. Luxurious.

“It’s so soft!” That’s the first thing we hear when our customers touch & feel our gorgeous scarves. 

We love this quality of Lenzing Modal fabric, making it a perfect choice for our vibrant scarves.

- It feels like silk but is cruelty free

- It's breathable, making it suitable for all seasons, even Houston summer

- Being so soft & silky, it doesn't itch your skin! Unlike wool or polyester, you can wear this fabric for long hours

Lenzing Modal fabric is made from pulp of beechwood trees, which is a faster growing tree, making it a better alternative to even silk and conventional cotton. 

All these qualities of lenzing modal make our scarves good for the skin AND the planet!

Want to geek out on Lenzing Modal? Read our article
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Organic Cotton

Absorbent. Durable. Higher quality.

We use Organic Cotton for our color-rich tea towels, altar cloths, placemats, runners, throw pillows, masks and bandanas. 

Here's why Organic Cotton is a way better choice than conventional cotton:

- Organic cotton is grown in pesticide free soil

- It's harvested after the plants naturally defoliate

- It's whitened and finished using non-toxic processes

Given it’s absorbent properties and durability, it makes our products long lasting. And our vibrant designs make them the perfect pop of color your home needs.

Surprise, not all earth-friendly products have to be beige!

Ready for a vibrant upgrade? Start with our bestselling tea towels
set of small doodle love art cards

Recycled Paper

Uncoated. Textured. Bleed proof.

We use recycled paper created from post-consumer waste for our paper products such as affirmation cards, greeting cards, notepads and journals.  

Here's why recycled paper is the way to go when it comes to paper products:

- You save trees (it takes 24 good-sized trees to produce a ton of virgin fiber paper, source: greenerprinter)

- You are preventing paper from ending up in landfill & causing greenhouse gas emission

- Recycled paper production uses less water & energy

We partner with businesses that use eco-friendly printing practices and align with values like ours (soy based + vegetable based inks, FSC certified, carbon offsetting to name a few). Our paper products are uncoated & textured, making them great for coloring and easy to recyle as well as compost at home.

For old-schoolers who LOVE the process of pen to paper, using recycled paper is a no-brainer!

Want to explore our paper goods? Start here
kimono with a woman mermaid playful I make my tribe laugh

Other materials we use…

Glass. Bamboo. Bemberg. Linen.

We strive to create products using materials that are kinder to our planet. 

Whether it’s a glass altar tray for your me-space, a bamboo gift box to keep your trinkets or a flowy kimono made from cotton linter, or linen blend table napkins, we prefer solutions that help you live with intention while helping Mother Earth along the way. 

Here's what is unique about these four materials:

– Glass is long lasting and can be recycled again and again. Plus our glass trays are food safe! Shop our Glass trays here

– Bamboo boxes are made of bamboo, which is fast growing, naturally regenerating and pretty easy to grow. Shop our Bamboo gift sets here

– Our breezy kimonos are made of 100% Bemberg, a fabric created from cotton linter (a fluffy cotton fiber that’s around the cotton seeds, making it a by-product of cotton production) Shop our Bemberg kimonos here

_ Linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics, made from flax plant fibers and uses way less  resources to grow. Shop our linen blend napkins here

Materials we stay away from...

Building a purpose driven & intention aligned brand means staying true to our values, even when it’s challenging. And one of our values is kindness towards Mother Earth and all its beings. Within & without.

scarf with quotes: Green and Brown scarves

We strive to use materials that are good for our planet.

And purposefully avoid these:

1. Petroleum bi-products, such as polyester, rayon, synthetic viscose: When washed, they release microplastics into the waterways, which is harmful for marine life. When it comes to textiles for home & wardrobe that require washing or drycleaning, we avoid petroleum bi-products. 

*Exception: We use linen-look polyester for our tapestries and wall hangings, which don’t need washing. The fabric makes these light weight, easy to care for and low maintenance.

2. Leather, wool, suede & silk – we are a cruelty free brand so we avoid these. Not so fun fact – did you know 3000+ silkworms are used to create 1 lb of silk? Once you know these stats, it’s hard to ignore.

Good thing, there are many newer fabrics (plant based leather, cupro, tencel etc) that give the same feel & look but are way better for the planet. We’re exploring how to bring these into our product offerings.

3. Glossy, shiny and coated paper (including glitter) – As much as we love the sparkles & shines, they come with a lot of baggage. Like making it impossible for paper goods to be recycled. 



Our Packaging

Thoughtfully wrapped for an instant burst of Joy

We seek to make unboxing a delightful experience for you. Every LOVELEEN™ item arrives elegantly wrapped in the most earth friendly way. Both You & Mother Earth deserve it. 

Joyful note cards brown paper packaging

Beautiful packaging shouldn't trash the planet.

That’s why we pay attention to every aspect of our product packaging. And partner with companies committed to the same.

We constantly encourage our customers to find creative ways to reuse the product packaging and we’re amazed at what they do. 

From creating bookmarks, to doodling on them, to adding it to the soil, our customers are earth warriors committed to doing their part.

Blue Scarf and tree hugging Loveleen

Here's what we use to pack your orders:

Recycled Kraft Paper

We wrap your products with 100% Recycled Kraft Paper. It's made entirely from post-consumer & post-industrial content and is recyclable and naturally biodegradable.
How to re use:
Wrap another gift, use as a shipping filler, get some sharpies to doodle on it, and even wrip it apart and bury it in your soil!

Hemp twine

We zhuzh up the wrapping even more by using hemp twine! Hemp is a strong fiber, biodegradable, compostable and a renewable resource. It also makes the wrapping plastic free.
How to re use:
Wrap another gift, use to hang an ornament or gift tag or bookmark, cut it in a few pieces and sprinkle on mulch so it can decompose or birdies take it to build their nest!

Mantra card

Every product comes with a cute mantra card made out of recycled cotton tees. Talk about extra special touches. These cards are so pretty & unique, you won't be able to throw them away 😉
How to re use:
Keep the mantra card in your purse, on your desk, tape it on the bathroom mirror, use hemp twine to create a bookmark with these, or pass it on. Repeat the mantra throughout the day to soak it in.

Tissue paper

The tissue paper we use is FSC-certified, made with 100% recycled content and 20% post-consumer waste. It is minimally printed with Algae Ink™ or water-based inks, and has no glitter or plastics. All this makes it easy to recyle and even be composted.
How to re use:
Use it to wrap another gift or as a shipping filler

Bags, mailers & boxes

Lastly, we use shopping bags, mailers and boxes made from 100% recycled content. They're all curbside recyclable & naturally biodegradable. We use tape that is recycle friendly and latex free. And ship via carbon neutral shipment.
How to re use: Use shopping bag as a gift bag, and the mailers/boxes for your next shipment. Or cut them into pieces and add them straight to the soil.

Extra special touches

Every order comes with a handwriten note from our founder Loveleen and is saged & blessed by her personally.
When you buy from LOVELEEN™️, you're buying direct from an artist who pours her heart & soul into creating art that emboldens your spirit.

Plus every product you buy, we plant a tree in partnership with One Tree Planted.

We are imperfect treehuggers who love beautiful things.

We know there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to our production, shipping and use of alternative materials. And we are constantly improving to make our practices more transparent and better for the planet.

We hope you embrace our imperfect journey and join our vibrant world to start yours.  

Let's create a vibrant world filled with beauty, joy and lots of trees!

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