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“Love” – set of 16 stickers


$30.00 – $36.00
per item

Love. A simple word with the power to move mountains.

This set of 16 stickers is a great little trinket to sprinkle around. Because we all are love. And we all need to embody this love more & more. Stick it on your laptop, mug, fridge or give it to someone who might need this word in their life right now!


Love has been the biggest inspiration for me, that’s why it comes around so much in my art. This mini-sticker is meant to inspire you to embody this essence fully. And then sprinkle it around.


  1. 2″ diamater stickers on 100% post-consumerΒ recycled fabric
  2. Free of vinyl, PVC or Phthalates
  3. Removable and reusable


  1. Clean surface with dry brush or remove dirt & dust
  2. Apply to surface, for bubbles use your hand to press out air
  3. To remove, peel back one edge
  4. For storage and reuse, place the mini-decal back on original clean liner


  1. Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (reusable, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  2. Shipped within 5 business days, if in stock.

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