Self Care Permission Slips – Designs by Loveleen

“I give myself permission to…” notepads


$30.00 – $100.00
per item

ATTN: Empowerment Coaches

You understand what a big deal permission is.

Permission for self-care.

Permission to say no to the people and things that drain them.

Permission to say yes to the things that scare them.

Permission to feel what they’re feeling and give it a voice.

Permission to…

You know, what a big deal it is, because that’s what you help your clients with.

So wouldn’t you love to have a few of these notepads on hand?

Give them out in sessions, or send them home with a whole pack as a beautiful gift.

That’s what these “I give myself permission to…” notepads are created to do.

To guide them to seek permission within, from their Soul.

Plus, the luscious design is also great for coloring if they need a little stress relief while the message sinks in. 

So get them for your next client session or an upcoming retreat!

p.s the purple text in pictures is for giving you ideas only 🙂


This product & it’s design is inspired by Nick Hansinger a.k.a The Mystic Next Door.

He’s the President at Energy Mastery and co-host of Illumination Podcast (my favorite podcast these days).

As a coach himself, he’s always creating solutions to help his clients.

And the idea of creating this permission slip notepad is a gift from him.

So grateful for what you do Nick! 🙏


  1. 4″x 6″, 50 pages each
  2. Printed on recycled paper (certified FSC, Ecologo, Chlorine Free, Bio Gas Energy, Ancient Forest Friendly) with soy based inks.


  1. Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (reusable, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  2. Shipped within 5 business days, if in stock.

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