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Soul Nudges – coloring page (download & print)


Feeling stuck, confused or indecisive? Chances are your intuition is blocked.

Worry not, because this coloring page is gonna help ya! Created with the intention of trusting our intuition, this drawing will help open your intuitive channels.

What to do: Download & print pdf/jpeg at home on a 8.5″x11″ paper, block some me-time, gather your color pencils or sharpies out and get in the rhythm of coloring & flow.

As your mind engages in coloring, it’ll relax. And as that happens, any mental blocks/confusion etc gets released, making it easier for Soul nudges to flow through. While coloring, soak this affirmation: “I listen and trust my intuition.”  Give this process a try, it works 🙂

(Note: When your order is complete, you’ll get immediate access to the drawings. Make sure to download & save. No email will be sent with pdf/jpeg for copyright reasons)

SOAK this affirmation: “I listen and trust my intuition.” 

Why you need this: Trusting our intuition a.k.a soul nudges is the biggest gift we can give ourselves. Yet our intuition gets blocked because we don’t create space in our day & mind to just be.

Anytime you’re feeling stuck, or mind is getting too congested or confused or indecisive, chances are you’re ignoring your soul nudges. That’s where coloring & doodling comes in. The process of pen to paper, and going with the flow creates space. And gives our mind another thing to focus on – on filling colors or making shapes. During that time our intuition gets space to flow with ease.

This drawing will help you create space & allow your soul nudges to come through. Infused with the intention of connecting with Universal Mind, color this drawing in the comfort of your home & let your intuiton flow!


  1. Artwork title “Listen to the nudges of your Soul”
  2. Three downloads
  3. When your order is complete, you’ll get immediate access to the drawings. No email will be sent with pdf/jpeg for copyright reasons
  4. Downloads includes 1 jpeg & 1 pdf (ideal for printing on 8.5″ x 11″ paper)
  5. Born 2021 in my backyard on 9″x12″ paper w/ Pen & Ink
  6. NO re-selling or re-distributing this unique soulful artwork without prior consent. And if you share it on social media – feel free to tag me! (instagram: @loveleen.saxena)

4 ways to use this drawing

  1. OBSERVE & ABSORB: Observe this print and absorb the affirmation with 100% focus
  2. COLOR IT: Create a self-care ritual to color this drawing. As you color, envision the Love & Joy flowing through every cell of your being
  3. NOTICE & STOP: Whenever you notice your typical negative thought creep up, of fear, of worry, or anxiety, stop and say “NOT RIGHT NOW” and repeat this affirmation instead
  4. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Rewire your brain by repeating the affirmation multiple times a day. Write it. Feel it. Sing it. Dance it. Train your brain by consistently repeating this command to yourself in all ways possible

Attn. Coaches & Lightworkers

Have an event or workshop coming up? This drawing is a perfect breakout session for your retreat/event whether it’s in person or virtual. For lifestime access to download & print multiple copies, email at contact{at}


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