orange and yellow table napkins with food keeper on toporange and yellow table napkins with food keeper on top

My sun-kissed path – table napkins (sunrise)


You feel deeply connected to Mother Earth. You can feel her joy as well as her pain.

She tells you, the only way to heal her is through love and by doing what lights up your Soul. With that knowing, you go about each day. And when you feel a bit lost, you have these vibrant table napkins to remind you – always follow your sun-kissed path of Joy. 

These 20″x20″ cotton + linen cloth napkins are machine washable and multi-puropose. Use these as a napkin or as a cloth gift wrap. Wherever you use them, they will sprinkle sunshine vibes!

The vibrant doodle is titled  “the Essence of Sun” Affirmation to speak: “As my sun kissed feet touch the ground each day, I feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth.”

SOAK this affirmation: “As my sun kissed feet touch the ground, I feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth.”

Why you need these Table Napkins:  These shades of orange will invoke the essence of Sunrise in your everyday. And remind you to keep walking your sun-kissed path, your path of Joy. Because that’s the only path that can help Mother Earth heal.

With these vibrant sun inspired table napkins in your kitchen, you’ll always come back to your path & purpose, your Joy and your Truth, even with the busyness of this world takes you off-course.


  1. 50% Cotton, 50% linen
  2. 20″ x 20″
  3. Limited edition, small batch
  4. Made in India
  5. Machine washable in cool. Do not bleach
  6. One tree planted

Visualize this...

Here’s the inspiration behind The Sun collection. As you read this, visualize it in your mind & heart:


You feel deeply connected to Mother Earth. You can feel her heart beat, her joy as well as her pain. You take a stroll outside each day. Your bare feet touch the ground. You pause to notice the soft glow of sunrays lighting up the path. You slowly take one step forward. Then next. As you walk, your sun-kissed feet follow the sun-kissed path.

Your heart breaks knowing Mother Earth is hurting. So you ask her…

How can I help you heal, Mother? What can I do for you?’

She whispers…

‘My child, the Sun rays shining on you, are an epitome of Joy. That sun-kissed path you’re walking, is the one that brings you Joy. I hurt because my children are lost, following a path that’s not their own. So dear one, the only way you can help me heal, is by walking your own sun-kissed path, your own path of Joy. That’s the path that leads straight to my heart. That’s the path to help me Heal.

Dear one…let your sun-kissed feet always follow your sun-kissed path.’

With that knowing, you come back in and decide – to ALWAYS follow your sun-kissed path of Joy. For you. And for Mother Earth. 


  1. Your table napkins will include a handwritten personal note just for you! Plus I’ll smudge it using sage & sound bath
  2. It’ll be wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  3. It’ll be shipped within 5-8 business days via carbon neutral shipping


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