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‘I am Limitless’ tea towel (green, waffle, single)


You are Limitless. Think, speak & feel this Truth in the midst of everyday with these cosmos inspired tea-towels.Each dot on the doodle is a tiny star in the infinite galaxies, reminding you of your infinite potential and expansiveness.

This 20″x30″ organic cotton tea-towel is waffle finish, super absorbent, and very durable. Just toss it in the washer and reuse for years. It’s a great alternative for paper towels, making your kitchen more earth-friendly. Use these to dry hands, kitchen counter, dry dishes, or as a dish drying mat, placemats…even hand towels.

The cosmic doodle is titled  “the Essence of Universe” Affirmation to speak: “I am Limitless just like the Universe. I have Limitless potential to manifest my highest desires.”

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SOAK this affirmation:  “I am Limitless just like the Universe. I have Limitless potential to manifest my highest desires.”

Why you need these Tea Towels:  These tea-towels are your daily nudge to believe in your infinite potential. 

While doing dishes, making meals, cleaning, doing the kitchen stuff – any time you use these towels, say out loud (or mentally) – I AM LIMITLESS AND SO IS MY POTENTIAL. And go about your day. Saying this affirmation while feeling it will shift your energy.

The vibrant shades of green will invoke the essence of Cosmos & Universe within you.  Each dot on the doodle is like a tiny star in the infinite galaxies. When I think of Universe, Cosmos, Energy, Galaxy, it invokes an essence of limitlessness, infinite potential, healing light and expansiveness. Like Mother Nature, Universe is a physical manifestation of Source and Spirit. And that’s what inspired this design.


  1. 100% Organic Cotton
  2. 20″ x 30″, waffle finish
  3. Limited edition, small batch
  4. Made in India, manufactured by Vida
  5. Machine washable in cool to warm water. No bleach, mild detergent. Line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Remove while still damp. Ironing on reverse side. Dry thoroughly before storing
  6. One tree planted
  7. Note: items like cups, snacks etc are not included 😉

Visualize this...

Here’s the inspiration behind Cosmos & Energy collection. As you read this, visualize it in your mind & heart:

You’re going about your day. As you pass by the kitchen your eyes are drawn to the colors & pattern of this tes towel. You pause. You take a deep breath and envision the Infinite Energy flowing through you, filling you with immense peace, love and harmony.

You remember – You are One with the Universe. And you achieve anything you desire. YOU ARE LIMITLESS, SO IS YOUR POTENTIAL.

And with that essence, you go about rest of your day. Filled with this new energy, exuberance and confidence.


  1. Includes a handwritten personal note plus cleansed with sage & sound bath
  2. Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  3. Shipped within 5-8 business days via carbon neutral shipping


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