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Sunset in my haven – table runner (sunset)


Sunset is your favorite time of the day. The tranquility of those moments when you can see the sun & the moon, the way sky changes its colors, fills you with Peace and Promise.

This Sun-inspired table runner is your daily reminder to bring these magical moments of sunset to your table.

These 15″x90″ organic cotton runner is machine washable and multi-puropose. Use these as a runner or a wall hanging. Wherever it is, the patterns & colors will sprinkle sunrise bliss to your home.

The vibrant doodle is titled  “the Essence of Sun” Affirmation to speak: “As I immerse in the beauty of each sunset, I feel one with the Sun & one with Mother Earth.”

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

SOAK this affirmation:  “As I immerse in the beauty of each sunset, I feel one with the Sun & one with Mother Earth.”

Why you need this Table Runner:  Sunset, for you, is a promise, that tomorrow is going to be another awesome day. This colorful orange runner intermixed with red tones will invoke the essence of Sunset in your everyday. When you see the brightness of the orange runner contrasted with the reds and the sunset, it’s a reminder to be grateful for today and release anything that didn’t go as you planned. Most of all to forgive yourself.

When your dining table is adorned with this sunrise inspired table runner, you’ll always be reminded to walk your sun-lit path to Joy. 


  1. 100% Organic Cotton
  2. 15″ x 90″
  3. Limited edition, small batch
  4. Made in India, manufactured by Vida
  5. Machine wash cool and do not bleach
  6. One tree planted
  7. Note: items like cups, snacks etc are not included 😉

Visualize this...

Here’s the inspiration behind The Sun collection. As you read this, visualize it in your mind & heart:


Sun is about to set. It’s your favorite time of the day. You step out in your little haven, surrounded by trees & flowers & shrubs. You let your bare feet touch the ground and pause to notice the soft glow of sunrays lighting up the grass blades. As you watch the sunset, you take a stroll.

Your sun-kissed feet follow the sun-lit path in your backyard. You feel deeply connected to Mother Earth and to the majestic Sun. And as you stroll, you hear her whisper…‘Keep walking your sun-lit path my dear. That’s your path to True Joy.’

You listen, you pause and you say…‘I will ALWAYS do. I love you. I am grateful for you. Thank you.’

With that feeling in your heart, you close your day.


  1. Your runner will include a handwritten personal note just for you! Plus I’ll smudge it using sage & sound bath
  2. It’ll be wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  3. It’ll be shipped within 5-8 business days


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