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Whether you’re looking for red, green, blue, yellow, or purple tea towels, the important thing here is to bring mindfulness into the everyday.

More Than Just Tea Towels

Loveleen’s tea towels help you to bring your awareness back to the kitchen, to the task at hand, even while doing something as seemingly mundane as drying the dishes.

Ideas for focusing your attention and intention to the task at hand would be to think about

  • Who made the dishes?
  • How long ago were they made?
  • What materials and process were needed in the production of the dishes, plates, cups, and glasses you may be drying with these tea towels or setting on them?

Tea Towels As A Tool Of Awareness

Once you’ve contemplated that for a while, think about the process it took to get your dishes to you.

  • Were they carried by ship or plane? Who was the captain of the plane or ship? They cared for the journey so that your dishes could arrive.
  • After they arrived, did your dishes come to you by truck, car, or train? The driver of that vehicle cared for the journey so that your dishes could arrive to you.
  • What technology did it take to carry your dishes by plane, ship, car, truck, or train? Each of those methods of transportation is a system of systems, developed by thousands of people over at least the past 100 years. How many of them have you personally said thank you to?
  • Expressing gratitude not only for the dishes and the function they serve, but also for all of the people and technology it took to bring your dishes to you, and for the time in which you live which makes all of that possible, can be an excellent way of putting things in perspective.

You’re Going To Use This Moment Anyway…

Drying the dishes and putting them away can be a time when you let your mind wander off, carried away by the worries and troubles of the day, or it can, instead, be a form of walking meditation.

You can turn the act of drying the dishes, or simply the act of laying out some tea towels under your afternoon tea, into an act of care and love.  Your tea towels can be a reminder to help bring your focus back to the moment.

You may find that it’s a challenge letting your tea towel be a means by which you show care and appreciation for the life with which you’ve been blessed.  But a visual reminder can be an excellent way to experience the internal joy that comes with remembering the benefits of the age in which we get to live.

Think of all of those things and suddenly your tea towel becomes much more than an item of utility. It becomes an object which is caring for all of the work and effort that had to happen to bring your dishes to you.

And once you’ve contemplated and been grateful for all of that?

Think about the tea towel itself.

Could you do the above walking meditation by using any regular tea towel?  Maybe.  We don’t know what you’re currently using to dry your dishes or prepare your table.

But if your towel was made without care, simply as a way to “make a buck,” then that intention carries into the towel you’re using.

When you look at your current tea towel,

  • Does it inspire you to think of the world in a more caring and loving way?
  • Do the colors of your tea towel bring joy and vibrancy into your life?

If yes, then great!

But if not, consider further the tea towels offered here.

The designs you can see in your tea towels from Loveleen let you know that this is not an ordinary tea towel.

This is an object which has been brought into your life with intention, so that you may bring focus, care, and attention to the moment.

Whether it’s the greens, reds, blues, yellows, or purples, or the care which has been put into the design, you can see in each of these bright colors and designs a radiance.

That radiance shines forth and can connect with who you are and the care you’re providing in the world by bringing attention – even to what appears to be the simple and mundane act of drying the dishes.

How Loveleen’s Tea Towels Are Made

You can take comfort in knowing that your tea towels have been made with the highest respect and care for both our Mother Earth and also those fellow humans who made this towel for you.

These tea towels are made from 100% Organic Cotton, which offers care in the highest regard for:

  • the plant
  • the farmer
  • the process of production

Using Tea Towels As A Focal Point For Healing

They say that “time heals all wounds”.  We don’t know if that’s true, because the process of healing takes some attention.

Time gives you the space to pay attention and find your intention, so that healing can take place.

With these tea towels as part of your daily tea ritual, (or even if you use them to dry the dishes) you’ll find that by bringing these intention-based towels into your life, the healing can come easier.

By bringing your attention into the present moment, you can use the patterns and designs as a way to be in the present and to express appreciation.

That appreciation brings gratitude.

Gratitude brings healing.

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