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My intention behind ‘I am JOY’ essence collection:

My intention behind this collection is to infuse your life with a bit more JOY! 

While some say the meaning of life is to find your gift, I say – the meaning of life is to embody & express pure Joy. And our gifts & talents make it a bit easier to do that. 

The Truth is…YOU are here to live THE MOST magnificent, Joy-filled, beautiful life. 

And you deserve to surround yourself with colorful, Soulful, vibrant goodies that are made with Love and infused with that intention of Joy.

Your life, my friend, is too precious to be filled with things that don’t inspire you to be a better and higher version of yourself. 

And our planet is too precious to buy things that harm Mother Earth and it’s beings. 

My ‘I am JOY’ pieces are created and filled with the essence of pure Joy. 

The patterns and colors all are consciously created to invoke that intention of Joy within. 

Using these pieces in your daily life will constantly remind you to keep focusing on that inner Joy. That true Joy. That everlasting Joy. 

While YOU have to do all the inner work, my Joyful goodies, whether it’s a scarf or a colorful dish towel, have the power to remind you to stay the course. 

Come back to your True Joy, even when you get on a little detour. 

Train your brain & delight your senses to seek True Joy within. 

That’s my deepest desire with this collection – to create little Soulful reminders for your Joyful life.

What’s included in the ‘I am JOY’ Essence collection?

This collection includes wearable & functional art pieces for your home & wardrobe. 

Few goodies you’ll find in this collection are eco-friendly scarves, masks & kimonos, dish towels, accent pillows, journals and paper goods such as greeting cards. 

Who is the ‘I am JOY’ Essence collection for?

‘I am JOY’ Essence Collection is for someone who needs a daily nudge to embody & express Joy inside out. 

You understand True Joy starts within. 

Yet your lifestyle, your home, your surroundings remind you of your older version. 

The one that used to focus on temporary happiness rather than everlasting Joy. The one that was happy when things were good and agitated/anxious/overwhelmed when things weren’t going your way.

But you have evolved. You have learned the skill of being self-aware. And with that awareness, you are transforming inside out, bit by bit. 

And with that awareness, you’re ready to fill your life with goodies that remind you of the NEW Joyful YOU! 

One that seeks Joy within, no matter how long it takes.

You want your senses to be filled with this Essence of JOY, cause that’s what makes your Soul dance. 

You want to celebrate your everyday life with things made with love, intention and care for Mother Earth.

And you want to give the gift of Joy to your loved ones too. 

Whether it’s something special for your partner, your kids, your friends or your clients, you know how giving a gift that’s infused with love & intention can make someone’s day. 

If this is you, check out the ‘I am JOY’ Essence collection and start filling your life with more Joy! 

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Where to use ‘I am JOY’ products?

  1. In your sacred space or Soul space. Make them a part of your daily self-care ritual
  2. Sprinkle them all around your Home or Office. The colors, pattern, artwork and  intention will nudge you to stay focused on seeking Joy within. 

How to use ‘I am JOY’ products?

  1. Train your brain: Every piece comes with an affirmation. 

The idea is to retrain your brain & reprogram your subconscious. 

To fill your mind & heart with higher thoughts of Joy. 

I highly recommend remembering the affirmations and repeating them whenever you use or see the product you bought. If you can’t remember the affirmation, just saying I AM JOY repeatedly would retrain your brain to always focus on Joy rather than any low vibe heavy emotions. 

What you think all day long is what manifests. And these goodies will remind you to think Joy & speak Joy!

  • Gift giving: My products make amazing unique gifts. Gifts that have meaning. Gifts that plant a tree. Gifts that have a story. 

The colors, pattern, intention and eco-friendliness of my goodies will make gifting a Joyful experience for both who give it and receive it! 

Whether it’s a birthday, or anniversary or a retreat, these goodies will make their heart sing & Soul dance. 

Plus complimentary gift wrapping & personalized handwritten notes are always included, just put a note while you’re placing an order!

Want to bulk order gifts for your upcoming retreat or event? 

Email me at loveleen[at]loveleensaxena.com what you’re looking for. I offer special discounts for bulk orders. 

What materials are these Joyful goodies made from?

      1. Scarves are 100% Lenzing Modal. It’s an eco-friendly fabric made of beechwood. Soft, luxurious and cruelty free!
      2. Masks, Accent pillows & Tea towels are 100% Organic cotton. It is way better than conventional cotton.
      3. Kimonos are 100% Bemberg, another eco-friendly fabric made of cotton seed linter. This fabric is very uncommon.
      4. Table napkins are 50% organic cotton and 50% linen
      5. Paper goods are 100% recycled paper
      6. Art prints are 100% cotton paper
      7. Wood panels are Baltic birch laminated plywood
      8. All goodies are sent in eco-friendly packaging that can be reused, recycled & composted. No plastic packaging is used unless needed for safe delivery. Whenever used, plastic packaging is all reused from previous shipments & deliveries. 

Mindset & Heartset of a Joyful Soul:

In my decade plus of studying spiritual texts, seeking to understand the meaning of life, working with mentors and diving deep into my own Truth, here’s what I’ve learned and observed:

Joyful Souls have a few traits that they’re embodying more & more each day. 

Here are a few traits I’ve observed. You might not be 100% there, and that’s ok! We’re all living our human experience the best way we can. 

  1. You are Objective
  2. You’re a lifelong learner
  3. You are neutral and centered
  4. You are more self-aware each day
  5. You understand that the meaning of life is something you uncover for yourself. It’s a process and a journey
  6. You believe in Higher Truth, whether you’re religious or spiritual or not, you know there’s more to life than what you see in the physical world
  7. No matter how challenging your life situation gets, you look for the lesson behind it 

What does living with Joy NOT mean?

While Positive Vibes, Good vibes only, positive attitude, all of this is great, embodying Joy has a meaning that is more than that. 

Here’s what I’ve understood what living with Joy does not mean:

  1. Temporary, fleeting Joy that’s dependent on things, people, situations being a certain way. It’s like handing your power to someone else!
  2. Overly happy, positive vibe in all situations while ignoring/suppressing other emotions. Joy doesn’t mean not acknowledging your human emotions – no matter how ‘low vibe’ they may seem. What you do when those emotions arise is what matters. How long you allow yourself to stay there is what matters. 
  3. Expressing Joy outside while being resentful, judgy or jealous inside. Don’t do that. 

What is the difference between joy and happiness?

It’s a question I pondered upon a lot. And through years of studying spiritual texts like Bhagavad Gita, here’s what I’ve understood. 

Of course, implementing it 100% is a work in progress. We are after all ‘human’. But knowing this difference makes it easy to stay on the Joy path!

So here’s how I describe Joy and happiness:

Joy is permanent. 

Happiness is temporary. 

Joy starts within. It is timeless and changeless. Even when your heart is broken, your finances are in a mess, your career going nowhere – that True Joy has an essence of Trust & Faith in the Universe. That it’s all gonna work out because YOU are a Divine Being and YOU are a gift of nature. And it fuels you to keep going. 

Happiness, on the other hand….it’s like a roller coaster.

 Like waves of the ocean. You feel excited and motivated when things are going well. The job is going good, the spouse is happy, the boss is patting your back. Life is good then. And the moment things go sideways or different than what you expect, life feels like a struggle. Like you’re moving a mountain. 

In a nutshell – Joy is independent of what’s going on around you. Happiness isn’t. 

What’s the inspiration behind ‘I am JOY’ drawings & patterns?

As I sit down to doodle and create my artwork, I let my intuition guide me to be the vessel of Divine Inspiration. 

The drawings that come through have a specific meaning and essence they wanna share with the world. 

And from there on, I play with the colors, the patterns and let my intuition lead the way. 

I choose colors that evoke Joy within. Sometimes I ask my customers, followers what colors bring they Joy. 

Inspiration also comes from patterns I see in nature. And many times, through shapes & patterns, it’s the Universe nudging me to focus on Joy within. 

The entire process is full of curiosity, childlike wonder, creativity and intuitive guidance, 

Sometimes nature inspires me, sometimes it’s watching birds and butterflies hanging out in our food forest. Sometimes it’s a direct download from Divine. 

All of it with the sole purpose to fill your life with more Joy.

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