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  • SCARF-GRATITUDE-I am gratefulSCARF-GRATITUDE-I am grateful-28

    ‘I am so Grateful’ scarf

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  • Sale! bamboo gift set - thank and receivebamboo gift set - thank and receive

    ‘Thank & Receive’ Bamboo Gift Set

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  • LS-journals-gratitude-holiday-giftLS-journals-gratitude-holiday-gift
  • Tea-towels-gratitudeTea-towels-gratitude

    ‘I start my day with Gratitude’ โ€“ tea towel (single)

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  • COASTER - mantra-gratefulCOASTERS-I AM-grateful

    ‘I am Grateful’ โ€“ mantra coaster

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  • set of thank you cardsthank you card with spirals art

    Thank you coloring cards (5 designs)

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  • LS-altar-cloth-gratitudeLS-altar-cloth-gratitude

    Altar cloth – I focus on the good

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  • I am Grateful โ€“ mini mandala tray (blue)

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  • Jewelry bag-blueJewelry bag-blue

    ‘I am Grateful’ jewelry/crystal pouch (blue)

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  • Sale! duffel bag-blueduffel bag-blue

    ‘I am Grateful’ mini duffel bag (blue)

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  • toiletry bag-blue graytoiletry bag-blue gray

    ‘I focus on the good’ toiletry bag

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