My eyes are a gateway to the DIVINE modal scarf

My eyes are a gateway to the DIVINE – Modal Scarf


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“My eyes are a gateway to the Divine within me.” 


Print is inspired by my artwork titled “Into her eyes.”


  1. Fabric: 100% Lenzing Modal (made of beechwood – a plant based eco-friendly fabric)
  2. Dimensions – 28″ x 78″ approx.
  3. Dry clean only
  4. Made in India


  1. Your scarf will include a handwritten personal note just for you! Plus I’ll smudge it using sage & sound bath
  2. It’ll be wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  3. It’ll be shipped within 5-8 business days if I’ve it in stock. Otherwise it’ll ship within 30 days (cause it’s made to order)


In your eyes we see love.

In your eyes we see beauty.

In your eyes we see strength.

Your eyes tell a story. They speak your truth.

Your eyes are the window to your beautiful Soul.

This scarf is created to highlight the depth & beauty in your eyes.

Your eyes are a gateway to your Inner Divine.


  1. Time: It took me 20 hours to create this artwork. Add more hours it took Vida to print, stitch and create this scarf. So it’s a joyful labor of love, patience & teamwork
  2. Made to Order: It only gets printed, stitched & shipped once you place the order
  3. Limited Edition: Only few in a million will be flaunting this scarf, including you. How cool is that!
  4. It tells a story: of your inner zen.
  5. It’s full of love, joy & good vibes. And created to invoke that in you!

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