Love Affirmation art cards – Designs by Loveleen

“Radiate love” art cards (set of 5)


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This mini art card set is a perfect keepsake for all times.

The affirmation is meant to inspire you in those moments when you choose fear/judgment/criticism/hatred rather than Love.

Display it next to your laptop, keep it in your journal or snail mail it to a friend/client/family who could use a gently nudge like this.

This set includes 5 prints of Radiate Love affirmation.

*Email me if you want to give this card at your retreat/event and want larger quantities of this card*


This card collection is a part of Affirmation art cards. I love keeping such reminders all over our home, to inspire me and remind me if I’m having some low-vibe emotions.


  1. Limited stock – only 15 sets available!
  2. 6.0″ x 4.3″ flat cards on 100% post-consumerΒ recycled paper, envelopes included
  3. 130 lb thick paper
  4. Logo and affirmation on back


  1. Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (reusable, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  2. Shipped within 5-8 business days

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