“I take care of ME” art print – Designs by Loveleen

“I know when to PAUSE & BREATHE” print


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“​I know when to pause and breathe. I take care of ME.” 


  1. Artwork title “I take care of ME”
  2. Limited Edition of 100
  3. Shipped unframed
  4. Signed & numbered by the Artist
  5. Available sizes – 11″ x 17″
  6. Printed on 100% cotton paper (hot press). High quality & archival print
  7. Born 2019 in the suburbs of Houston, TX on 9″x12″ Mixed Media paper w/ Pen & Ink


  1. Your print will include a handwritten personal note just for you! Plus I’ll smudge it using sage & sound bath
  2. It’ll be wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  3. It’ll be shipped within 10 business days


Is this your typical response to “How’re you doing?”

Oh I’m so busy.

I don’t have any time.

I am so overwhelmed.

If so, this print is for your beautiful Soul that needs a break!

And you need to rewire your brain to the Truth that it’s OK to take a break.

“I can only be successful if I keep super busy and work all day long” is a VERY COMMON limiting belief.

And it can keep you running like a machine till your body decides to pause, without your permission.

Make a decision to TAKE CARE OF YOU.

Make it a priority.

Block a time to rest, recharge and refuel your body, mind and soul.

So that when you get back to being busy, you’re taking effective action.

This print is made for humans like you (and me). To remind us all to pause, breathe and recharge. Make it your companion and remember this powerful command

“​I know when to pause and breathe. I take care of ME.” 


  1. OBSERVE & ABSORB: Observe this print and absorb the command with 100% focus. Think of the little girl on this print as you saying it
  2. NOTICE & STOP: Whenever you notice your typical negative thought creep up, stop and say “NOT RIGHT NOW” and repeat the command instead
  3. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Rewire your brain by repeating the command multiple times. Write it. Feel it. Sing it. Dance it. Train your brain by consistently repeating this command to yourself in all ways possible

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