I invoke love altar tray- Designs by Loveleen

I invoke LOVE – altar tray


$60.00 – $72.00
per item


“I spread my arms & bathe in love. I invoke divine love with an open heart.”


Inspired by artwork titled “Joy * Peace * Love”


Love is your true essence.

You give it openly to everyone and everything.

Yet you forget to receive it fully.

But now you’re ready to invoke LOVE in all aspects of your life.

Be it self-love, love in relationships or even love with your work.

And this altar tray is meant to remind you of LOVE that already exists in you.

Make this tray a home for your healing crystals that support you on this path.

So when your Mala-beads or your rose quartz bracelet is ready to recharge, this tray becomes it’s holding space. Invoking LOVE in all ways and all things.


  1. 100% glass
  2. Diameter 6 inch, 12 inch
  3. Hand wash with dish soap and warm water. Glossy, heavy feel; food safe
  4. Made in USA, manufactured by Vida


  1. Your altar tray will include a handwritten personal note just for you! Plus I’ll smudge it using sage & sound bath
  2. It’ll be wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  3. It’ll be shipped within 5-8 business days if I’ve it in stock. Otherwise it’ll ship within 30 days (cause it’s made to order)

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