Vibrant Art & Gifts To Empower Your Spiritual Journey


Vibrant art & gifts to empower your spiritual journey


As you walk this path of Self-Awareness

To slowly rediscover your Divine Truth & your Essence

Infuse your lifestyle with Soulful Reminders

That celebrate your growth & elevate your Human Presence

When you're ready to Manifest your biggest dreams,

Live your truest purpose, and Realize your greatest potential...

surround yourself with LOVELEEN


~This collection is your invitation to live everyday with more Peace. Your invitation to embody the Essence of Calm & Ease~​

I am JOY

~You reclaimed your Inner Joy. Celebrate your COSMIC GROWTH with this unique collection of lifestyle pieces~


~You're a child at heart. Embody your essence & sprinkle your UNICORN MAGIC with this playful collection~

What Essence are you embodying this season?

Loveleen sitting with yellow green scarf

Hi there!

I'm Loveleen.

I make Art & Lifestyle pieces that sprinkle joy & uplift your being!

Here’s a bit about me in few phrases…
Creativity is my meditation.
It’s my channel of Divine Expression.
It’s my connection to pure Joy, Love & Beauty.
It’s my way of rediscovering my own Essence and my Divine Truth.

Making art is my way of nudging humans (like you) embody your unique and beautiful Essence.

To help you find your way back Home.

​If you’re curious about my journey & what makes my heart sing, here’re some tidbits about my life…​

Trees planted to date

I love Loveleen’s style and everything she stands for: finding your peace, creating, taking care of our planet.

She creates really beautiful pieces with graceful lines and bright colors. I recently bought a scarf of hers for a dear friend, and my friend adored it!

Her shop has tons of memorable pieces that make great gifts.
I’ve also been to her workshops and have found them to be a lovely place to meet other inspired people.

– Michelle Sawa


Wrapped in recycled material with care and a soft net bag I can use for whatever I choose.

Follow this gal. She’s amazing and the energy she puts into her art makes them even more vibrant.

- Kisma Donna Orbovich, CEO of Illumination Academy

“Thank you for my fabulous, gorgeous wearable art work now in the form of these phenomenal facemasks! The design is so comfortable and I really appreciate the adjustable straps!

As always your beautiful personal touches remind me to keep moving in my own unique way, that I am a manifestation of Joy, and to appreciate every moment of this gift of Life.

Thank you thank you thank you for providing the world with your beautiful uniqueness, generous soul, and all the wonderful trees that are planted through your soul’s mission!”
– Meg Paul, Director of Dance at WSU

“The thing that makes Loveleen exquisite is her Divine energy. And, little known secret, she infuses miracles into her products that continue to birth as the product gets in-tuned with it’s new home.

From the quick delivery time frame to the handwritten note of her art, to the feel good packaging and the opulent treasures that now fill my home, you’ll simply fall in complete love with her gifts and one-of-a-kind art!”

- Kimberly Ann Treacy, Owner of Big Red SEO
Your a just click away from being more Colorful.

And your life...a bit more Purposeful.

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