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“I am grateful. I am blessed.” 


This mini-Collection is a compilation of 4 drawings I created at the end of 2019. The intention is to help you tap into your intuition. And create your vision from a state of child-like wonder. 

This sacred ritual is simple, fun, meditative.

Each drawing is filled with intricate patterns and lots of blank spaces.

The intricate patterns are for you to color in your unique way.

And the blank spaces are for you to write your intention, your vision and your soul-words. 

And when you’re done, you save these drawings.

You display them where you can see them every day (except for #1 drawing, I usually tear it and compost it)

Or keep them safe in your sacred space, and forget about them (that’s what I usually do)

And after a year, you take them out and reflect on what you wrote.


This drawing is created to write, doodle and color all the things you’re grateful for.

And be in awe of all the ways you’ve evolved.

Here’s a blog I wrote about this ritual in detail.


  1. Artwork title “I am grateful for”
  2. Unlimited downloads
  3. Downloads includes 1 jpeg & 1 pdf (ideal for printing on 8.5″ x 11″)
  4. Born 2019 in my backyard on 5″x7″ paper w/ Pen & Ink 
  5. NO re-selling or re-distributing this unique soulful artwork without prior consent. And if you share it on social media – feel free to tag me! (instagram: @loveleen.saxena)


  1. Self-love date – Print it for yourself, grab a few sharpies/color pencils, a cup of tea and enjoy a mindful self-love coloring date
  2. Client gift – Print it on a nice paper and mail it to your VIP clients with a love-note!
  3. Wellness Retreats – Create a mindful breakout session for the attendees. Print multiple copies, get color pencils & let them color it in their own unique ways.

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