Close your Eyes coloring page – Designs by Loveleen

Close your Eyes – ready to print


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“This Collection is compilation of drawings I channeled while I was asking myself a similar question…”what’s my purpose?”. These drawings helped me uncover my Truth & gave me clarity on how to transform my life.”


Close your eyes and listen to your Soul.

Open your mind and be ready to receive.

Then let your Spirit soar high.

What stops us from knowing our Purpose is our eyes are always open & engrossed in the noise of this world. And our mind is blocked with limiting stories and beliefs.

This drawing is an invitation to be quiet and be receptive.

If you’re quiet, you can finally listen to your Soul.

And if you’re receptive, you’re more willing to take a step in the direction your Soul wants you to go.

Print this drawing, block some time, find a quiet spot, sit and color it, ponder over it and relax your mind so you can hear your Soul’s whispers.


  1. Artwork title “Close your Eyes”
  2. Unlimited downloads
  3. Downloads includes 1 ready-to-print coloring page (pdf, 8.5″ x 11″) + 1 ready-to-print postcard (pdf, 5.5″ x 4.25″)
  4. Born 2015 in downtown Houston on 5″x7″ paper w/ Pen & Ink 
  5. NO re-selling or re-distributing this unique soulful artwork without prior consent. And if you share it on social media – feel free to tag me!


  1. Self-love date – Print it for yourself, grab a few sharpies, a cup of tea and enjoy a mindful self-love coloring date
  2. Soul sister date – Gather your soul sisters, print this drawing, grab some sharpies and uncover your inner Truth together
  3. Snail mail – Does your soul sister live far away? Mail her this postcard and encourage her to keep seeking answers within


This drawing was channeled through me during the long walks I went for in Downtown Houston.

It was a nudge to be still and be receptive to the Divine Guidance. I obliged.

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