The Art of being Imperfectly Perfect – Feb 11th, 2017 


Eventbrite - The Art of being Imperfectly Perfect

Being human is messy – we all have our quirks and habits, don’t we? Those little things we do that subconsciously stress us out but we cannot stop doing it!Striving for  PERFECTION   is one of them.

How many of you have been there, done that.

Working on a project till last minute to have that worksheet formatted just right….
Cleaning the house till we hear our guests arrive because we still have that teeny tiny spot on our kitchen counter….
Organizing our home till it is exactly as we want.

I know I have been there for many many years. It stressed me, overwhelmed me and affected my health but I could not say NO. And one day it just GOT BORING. One day I realized – I am perfect just as I am. And no amount of trying to organize, clean or create a perfect work product was worth my precious time, energy and wellness anymore.

So if you are at a point where trying to be perfect is stagnating you rather than growing you, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop we will explore our creativity to accept who we are – humans who are  MESSY  and  PERFECT. We will integrate affirmations and meditation with these creative exercises and most importantly have fun!

So join me on the beautiful Saturday afternoon and let’s embrace our imperfect self!

***No prior experience in drawing is required. This is a no judgement and no critique workshop. Light refreshments will be served.

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About the facilitator:

Loveleen Saxena is a Katy resident and Maker. She is an artist, creative, dreamer,  nature and animal lover. She is on a journey to live vegan, waste free and sustainably. Her vision is to guide others to live an inspired and harmonious life through one on one coaching, workshops and retreats. 

Eventbrite - The Art of being Imperfectly Perfect

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