Mini adventures in Fiji

Visit to Viti Levu is not complete without touring the Garden of Sleeping Giant. If you have mountains and hills in your town, probably you will have the profile of one of those mountains resembling a Sleeping Giant. Fiji is not an exception 🙂 The Garden was established in the vicinity so hence its name.

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Blue skies, clear water and white sand….

….we were mesmerized with the beauty of beaches in Fiji. Words cannot describe how you feel sitting at the beach watching the waves rise and fall as the cool breeze gently caresses you. You try to hold the sand as it slips away from you hand, reminding you how time flies if you don’t enjoy every

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Calm before the storm….day cruise to Savala island

It was a beautiful morning when we took off for our day cruise to Savala island….a small island in a cluster of 333 islands in Fiji. The day was filled with many activities – kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling and glass bottom boat ride to watch coral reefs for folks like me 🙂 It took us one hour

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Enjoying the Fijian time

The time seems to have slowed down. We wake up to the sound of birds, roosters, cows and dogs. It is still dark outside. The breeze is nice and cool. We just stand outside in the balcony and listen to the sounds of nature. It is beautiful. There is no noise of cars driving by.

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We finally reached our first destination  (a week ago) – the gorgeous island of Fiji!!!! And it is not just the place that is gorgeous….the warmth of people, their smiling face, their welcoming nature, everything here is beautiful. And there is more to Fiji than white sand beaches, blue ocean water, snorkelling and scuba diving. In fact,

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