Our first hike in NZ – along the Coromandel Walkway

One of the amazing things about New Zealand is zillions of walking tracks and tramping (hiking) opportunities everywhere you go. Doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a seasoned hiker, there is something for everyone.
We both do not claim to be seasoned hikers but we do hope to get to that level while staying here 🙂 So one of the highlights of our NZ trip will be hiking wherever we get a chance. Sharing the pictures of our first short hike in Coromandel – the Coromandel Coastal Walkway.
We completed only one-third of the whole track, about 4km (2.48 miles) but it was steep! We walked along the coast, over the hills….amongst the trees. It was like walking in a rainforest….surrounded by huge trees, walking while listening to the birds chirping,
small streams meandering and falling over the rocks…..it was peaceful and strenuous at the same time. The view at the end first section was breathtaking! We knew our legs will be sore the next day but it was all worth it!

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