Three ways to style a kimono {Video #2}

Hey Divine being! Did you enjoy the 1st video on Conscious Styling tips with Amanda? If you’re like, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, head over here. Amanda is a conscious stylist & confidence catalyst. She helps women gain more confidence by elevating their style. She doesn’t focus on external beauty though! She guides women to uncover their

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The day you say NO

​The day you say NO to the life that you don’t want.… You can start LIVING the life that you really want.Will it be easy? No, it won’t. Because the self-appointed CEO of your life a.k.a your ego will start throwing a fit. For most of your life, your ego has been calling the shots. It’s been pretty much dictating and shaping you.  And

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Give your life a big hug

Whether… Your life is going as planned or it’s turned upside down right now You’re having a perfect day or the worst day of your life You’re in love with life or have no idea where the #$@& it’s going…. Embrace it. Make it your own. Look it in the eyes and give it a

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