A 5-minute ritual for your Thanksgiving week

Beautiful Soul, 

That time of the year is here, when giving thanks is in the air. 

Our heart is warm, so is our oven.
Our to-do lists are longer, so is the grocery line.
We’re packing our bags or cleaning up the guest rooms.

This is the time of gathering together, giving thanks, laughing, drinking, over-eating and binge watching.

This is the time you and I await so we get to reset and recharge. 

But let’s face it, around Thanksgiving, a lot happens around us. 

Our minds are constantly active with organizing and making sure things go as planned.
And let’s not forget about the black friday deals.
And the Christmas preparation that comes soon after.
And the 
holiday gift shopping.
When there’s so much happening around us, Thanksgiving can easily turn into stress giving.So while Thanksgiving is the time to engage with our loved ones as well as amazon deals, it’s so much more important to disengage for a bit from everything as well, without guilt.It’s so much more important for our well-being to really take time to thank.
​With a full open heart. 
So, wherever you are this week beautiful one…
> whether you’re hosting a full blown tofurkey meal or having a least-effort chinese take-out
> whether you’re browsing through the best amazon deals or binge watching netflix
I encourage you to…Spend some quiet moments with yourself.
For at least 5 minutes a day. 

And really make time.
To look at the sky, sit by the window, sip a cup of tea, read a book, cuddle with your human or fur babies and just be.This Thanksgiving, add this tiny ritual to your week.Make some quiet time and appreciate your whole being – your body, mind and soul.
Give thanks to your body, which has been working non-stop to support you
Give thanks to your mind, that’s full of knowledge, ideas and continuing to show you different ways to grow
Give thanks to your Soul, the one that’s been patiently nudging you all along to live your truth.And when you’re really immersed in those moments of gratitude, continue to expect higher things for yourself & entire humanity.

And remember that you’re here to live fully alive, to bring change, to progress, to inspire and to make this world a higher place to live for all beings.

You’re not here to hate, to doubt, to compete, to criticize, to judge, to fight, to put others/yourself down or to just live by.

You’re here to expand into the highest version of self.

So expect that the best things are happening for you all the time.
Even if your life situation is a mess right now and seems far from the best.
And give thanks to all that has been, all that is right now and all that’s coming for you.

This week, everyday for 5 minutes, close your eyes, put your right hand on the chest and fully give thanks with your grateful heart. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your loved ones,


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p.p.s This amazing capture on top is by my soul-sister Nasim Hoomanrad. She’s an amazing photographer who captures essence of my products so beautifully.

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