Give your life a big hug

Whether… Your life is going as planned or it’s turned upside down right now You’re having a perfect day or the worst day of your life You’re in love with life or have no idea where the #$@& it’s going…. Embrace it. Make it your own. Look it in the eyes and give it a

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Upcoming workshop – Quiet the mind (2 hr silent session)

​Holiday season can be a bit stressful, isn’t it? Work deadlines to meet before Christmas vacation…. Shopping to be done before the family arrives…. House to be cleaned…. Wrapping all the gifts before Christmas Eve…. So many things and distractions that we start running around like a lost puppy! And where does that lead us?

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Upcoming workshop – Pre-thanksgiving family time!

​ ​~This Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?~Thanksgiving is coming soon and there are so many things we all are thankful for, isn’t it?But how often do we express our gratitude and thankfulness to anyone? Especially in the recent time when we have had a hurricane wash away so much from our lives and heart,

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Upcoming workshop – learn waste free Holiday gift wrapping!

​ ​Holiday season is the time for love, family, togetherness and joy.But it’s also a trashy time for our planet. Yup. Why? Because this time of the year, 25% more trash is produced in our country. Based on a study by Stanford University, in US around 25 million tons of extra garbage is produced during the holiday

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The Art of Being Imperfectly Perfect

  In today’s fast paced world of deadlines, competition, technology and information overload, being your best all the time and delivering the best and perfect product or service is considered to be a necessity for survival. Perfection is the key to success. Be it our home, our profession or our personal life, we all are

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Relax * Share * Inspire, July 15th 2017

When we come together as a group, our vibrations rise, our creativity sores, and our inspiration flows through each other. We have a chance to share what we are doing on our pathway of life and get the chance to meet others who we potentially can collaborate with on our creative journeys.Loveleen & Katie have

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gift art cards

                                                                                                                       Upcoming Events

  Find me showcasing my art work at these events….stop by to support local artists or come by to say hello 🙂 Heights Epicurean Market – every first Saturday of the month at 1245 Heights Blvd, Houston, from 8:30am-1:30pm   Autumn Falls Exhibit at Babaloo Gallery. From 6pm-9pm on October 6, 2016   Rice Village

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be the light art in blue frame

Repurposing old photo frames

Repurpose old photo frames into one of a kind art!   Black and gold – all you need is paint, old frames and enthusiasm   Be simple, creative and just have fun!   Don’t throw away old aluminum foil….clean it and reuse it in a frame as backdrop for images!   Repurposing is one way

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Designs by Loveleen dark green logo

Click on the image for details

“A Beautiful Mind” 11″x14″ – Original pen and ink drawing ($195 contact me if interested in purchasing)   “The Warrior” 11″x30″ in handmade wood frame – Original pen, ink and acrylic drawing ($750 available at Jomar Visions Gallery)   “Eyes are the window to your soul” 11″x14″ – Original pen and ink drawing ($195 available

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sun and woman mini art print in an ocean blue scarf

Just ask….

  Everyday my trust in workings of the Divine, the Universe , God, Nature or however you want to call “the intangible”, grows stronger. For me that “intangible” is our Universe. Once you open yourself to something beyond what your mind can explain , the Universe responds. Once you start trusting, not intellectually but with

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Universe night sky - blue scarf

Trust the mysteries of our universe

When things don’t go the  way you planned, TRUST.  Typically the motto of my life is don’t expect and don’t focus on the results. As Bhagavad Gita says, perform your dharma and do not worry about the fruits of your labor. And I have realized along the years that the less I expect from anything

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I seek to live in harmony art design

What it means to be in harmony?

  When you are in harmony with your own Self,  you entire being is filled with a sense of peace and inner calm. Everything around you shall seem to  flow smoothly, nothing shall feel stuck and nothing shall seem to bother you  anymore. Your life situation might not change, but your relationship to it will. Can

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