loveleen saxena 3 ways to style a Kimono

Three ways to style a kimono {Video #2}

Hey Divine being! Did you enjoy the 1st video on Conscious Styling tips with Amanda? If you’re like, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, head over here. Amanda is a conscious stylist & confidence catalyst. She helps women gain more confidence by elevating their style. She doesn’t focus on external beauty though! She guides women to uncover their

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Life intrigues me kimono

Three ways to style a kimono {Video #1}

​Hey Beautiful One! I took a little break from blogging but 6 months later…here I am!  Back with a special treat for you.Year 2020 has been interesting so far. A lot of awakening happening within as we’re locked down due to global pandemic. A chance to ask ourselves tough questions and face our fears.  An opportunity for us to resolve what’s

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