thanksgiving divine design

A 5-minute ritual for your Thanksgiving week

Beautiful Soul,  That time of the year is here, when giving thanks is in the air.  Our heart is warm, so is our oven. Our to-do lists are longer, so is the grocery line. We’re packing our bags or cleaning up the guest rooms. This is the time of gathering together, giving thanks, laughing, drinking, over-eating and

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Soul sister bundles and mini art prints

Remember to play {part 3}: 5-gifts for the special women in your life

Hey beautiful one! In this blog I’m sharing a few divine treasures that I created to embody and celebrate playfulness in your everyday life.  These will also make perfect holiday gifts for that special human whose child-like playful essence amazes you, inspires you and (maybe sometimes) annoys you 😛These divine treasures are a part of my I am Playful essence collection.They’re the end-result of me exploring, playing and experimenting with colors & shapes.  In short, me flowing with life, me completely in a child-like wonder state.

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I AM PLAYFUL - Orange Logo

Remember to play {part 2}: 3-things to keep your inner child happy

Hey divine being! Did you read the letter Universe wrote for you?  This letter is for us, the super focused and driven souls. Who often get so absorbed in the world of action taking that we forget to stay connected with the essence of play.  The very essence that keeps us in tune with the Divine.  The very essence that makes manifestation of our desires

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bohemian art kimono

Remember to play {part 1} – a letter from Universe

My dearest one, Remember to play. To make up your songs and fearlessly dance along To sit under the oak tree and count fallen acorns Remember to walk barefoot on the beach and let sand fill your toenails  To collect sea shells, make sand castles and fearlessly chase the waves Remember to wiggle your toes, and pause to smell the rose To jump

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Gift giving that good for your soul

High-vibe conscious shopping

Hey beautiful Soul! ​ The season of silent night, pumpkin chai lattes and snuggles is here. Few houses in our neighborhood have their Christmas decorations up.And I’ve already watched my first Holiday movie on Netflix, Holiday in the Wild, so we’re officially in the holiday season (fyi, the ONLY reason my husband watched this entire movie was because of Manu. He’s super cute

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blue scarf with nature is my zen place design

Go for a #Soul-walk

We all have those humans in our lives who say “no” to pretty much every invitation.  Be it a party, a happy hour, a weekend brunch or even stepping out for lunch.It feels like they don’t want to be a part of anything fun.Such party-poopers. To tell you the truth, I was totally “one of those party-poopers”. Especially

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