Embraced joy modal scarf - orange and yellow

Embrace your life situation

Wherever you are right now – whether your life is going as planned or it’s turned upside down, whether you’re having a perfect day or the worst day, whether you’re in love with life or have no idea where the #$@& it’s going…. EMBRACE IT. MAKE IT YOUR OWN. LOOK IT IN THE EYES AND

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dream word art card: inspire and uplift

Relax * Share * Inspire, July 15th 2017

When we come together as a group, our vibrations rise, our creativity sores, and our inspiration flows through each other. We have a chance to share what we are doing on our pathway of life and get the chance to meet others who we potentially can collaborate with on our creative journeys.Loveleen & Katie have

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i am perfect affirmation cards and pen

The Art of Being Imperfectly Perfect

  In today’s fast paced world of deadlines, competition, technology and information overload, being your best all the time and delivering the best and perfect product or service is considered to be a necessity for survival. Perfection is the key to success. Be it our home, our profession or our personal life, we all are

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