inspire and uplift: love word art card

Relax * Share * Inspire  – January 21st, 10am-12noon

When we come together as a group, our vibrations rise, our creativity sores, and our inspiration flows through each other. We have a chance to share what we are doing on our pathway of life and get the chance to meet others who we potentially can collaborate with on our creative journeys.Loveleen & Katie   have

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i am perfect affirmation cards

The Art of being Imperfectly Perfect – Feb 11th, 2017 

Being human is messy – we all have our quirks and habits, don’t we? Those little things we do that subconsciously stress us out but we cannot stop doing it!Striving for  PERFECTION   is one of them. How many of you have been there, done that. Working on a project till last minute to have that

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