and it’s family time!!

Home made paranthas, fried karela, besan laddoos and lots of mithai….parent’s visit is never complete without some of this heavenly goodness 😀 Four  days spent with them in Bangkok was a bliss. We walked, talked, laughed, shopped, ate, visited temples, got a massage, watched theater, went to floating market and spent a day in Pattaya. It

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A day out with the elephants!!!!

One of the best days we had in Thailand was the day we spent at Elephant Retirement Park ( near Chiang Mai. Thailand is famous for dozens of Elephant parks and homes, most of them claiming to be providing a safe place for these beautiful beings to live. Well, if making these elephants work for continuous long hours every day, having people

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Two worlds….that’s how we see it

  We have been in Asia for almost a month now, and travelled to only three countries so far. Traveling in Asia seems different this time. Because this time we can really feel what we see. Beyond the history, the rich culture, the beautiful temples….we see two worlds existing simultaneously – one meant for the locals, and one for the

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Bali Eco-Village – a hidden paradise in Pelaga

One hour from Ubud, away from the craziness of markets, shops, traffic and night life, Bali Eco -village sits quietly in the midst of a beautiful rainforest. Any time of the day , the only sound you hear is the sound of frogs, crickets and birds. We arrived Bali late afternoon and by the time we got a

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Rice fields, coffee plantation….day out in the nature!

Coffee/tea plantations and rice paddies are everywhere in west of Bali. Jatiluwih – the most beautiful rice terraces in west Bali. It is UNESCO recognized as world heritage site. The rice paddies spread across for miles and they were bright green and beautiful. We strolled in these fields, watched farmers work in the farms and perform their

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Culture, temples and religion – yes, we are in Bali! 

New Zealand to Bali was a big transition. While New Zealand is nature’s paradise – calm, peaceful and green, Bali turned out to be an explosion of everything! Culture, religion, people and of course traffic. As soon as we landed and got out of the airport, we had herds of cab drivers surround us….and the haggling began

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