the view

One year gone since I started noticing the beauty of the Sun from my office window. Every day I watched Him rise….without fail, without complaints. It did not matter if it was cold, warm or raining. Every day He was different. Someday He was the king, sharing his warmth with everyone and sometimes He was like a child, hiding

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Mid-life crisis….or awakening????

I got curious to look up the definition of mid-life crisis….maybe because we (my husband and I) started having doubts that we were going thru one. So let’s see what came up with: midlife crisis – “a crisis that may be experienced in middle age involving frustration, panic, and feelings of pointlessness, sometimes resulting

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Upcycled hand painted unique bottleART – I see you

Beer bottle hand painted into unique piece of art – $25 (available on Etsy/Facebook) Next time, don’t throw away a glass bottle! It makes for a great afternoon, sip and paint 🙂 When I see these bottles, I see potential – to express my creativity-to see them transform into something unique Playing with colors brings

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Repurposing old photo frames

What do you do with  all those photo frames that are sitting in our closet because you never get time to get your photos printed?? You repurpose them into a unique piece of art! :=)That is what I did with these two (of many) old frames….they were dying to be displayed on the shelf but I get

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Try this!

Become an observer of yourself. Watch your actions and behaviors like you would watch a show – no judgments, no attachments, just pure entertainment. Rise above your own self to be a witness. What do you see?

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The Goddess is within you

The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking. She is integrity and value, created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of

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