this journey….your, mine, ours

On occasion of reaching another milestone, this pen n ink drawing perfectly represents what my journey has been so far and what it will continue to be. But the more I look at this drawing, the more I realize it is not just my journey, it is a journey of each one of us….whether we

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Exotic Moroccan style upcycled beer bottleART 

Inspired by Moroccan design – hand painted with love Do what you love, love what you do Inspired by Moroccan design – hand painted with love Detailed design – play of colors and patterns Beer bottle vase – transform everyday objects into center piece Each bottle is made with love, joy and patience. Play of

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Up-cycled beer bottleART – Gulaab Gang  (pink sari)

Handpainted with love – inspired by true story of Gulaab Gang Beautiful Indian design Pink, black and purple colors add glamour to this hand painted bottle Creativity is within all of us….we just need to rediscover it If you can’t recycle – upcycle! This scarf is made from nylon fruit bag – upcycling brings so

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