the Sacred Union

the Divine masculine will set the Sacred feminine free….free to emerge and rise from her shadow….His love for her will wait till she soars high and realizes her full potential. That is the day She will come back to Him….that is the day they will both become One….that is the day balance in this Universe will be restored.

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Thank you

Little things bring you joy in ways you sometimes could not ever imagine. Sometimes it is sitting under the sky at night and looking at the moon, sometimes it is watching a bird flap its wings after getting drenched, sometimes it is looking at someone you love sleep peacefully. All these things have filled my heart with immense joy

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Entry foyer redefined

The entrance foyer of our house has a 25′ high wall….I wanted to add the wow factor as soon as you enter the house (who doesn’t right!). At the same time I wanted to follow the ideas we had for our entire house without making it too crowded. Adding a sculpture on the triangular pedestal was an obvious

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