the journey from self to Self….

….is the journey from- ….ignorance to bliss…. ….chaos to stillness…. ….fear to love…. ….wanting to allowing….….happiness to joy….  It is the journey from ego to Spirit. 

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love it?? 10″x10″ archival print available for sale in my Etsy shop!!check it out –×10-fine-art-print-of-abstract?

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Black & Gold bottle vase

Previous life: Tonic water glass bottle 🙁Present life: Decorative Black & Gold VaseFuture life: who cares???? I love sitting in between these beautiful brass sculptures on a brass finish West Elm side table! Better than being sitting in stinky landfills!**For folks interested in materials used: glass bottle, acrylic paint, aluminum foil, mod podge, dried flowers and lots of love**

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BottleART – why am I doing it??

Because since past few months I have become obsessed with recycling/up-cycling and reusing things….yes I should have started long long back but you know, its better late than never  :o)​One of the things I noticed is how many glass bottles we  end  up  purchasing every month!  I  asked myself….why can’t I use these and transform these

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