Be the Light, Be the Fire – 8”x10” matted art print

Be the light, Be the fire – 8”x10” matted art print


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“This Collection is compilation of drawings I channeled while I was asking myself a similar question…”what’s my purpose?”. These drawings helped me uncover my Truth & gave me clarity on how to transform my life.”


In the midst of darkness BE THE LIGHT.

You are here for a purpose.

And your purpose is as unique as you are.

It’s OK you’re not sure what that purpose is.

Ask different questions.

If there’s something that lights you up, ask why?

If something brings out your inner fire, ask why?

If a social cause triggers you, ask why?

Keep digging deep.

Underlying the honest answers to “why” is your TRUTH.

Let that Truth guide your way.


  1. Artwork title “Be the Light, Be the Fire”
  2. 5″ x 7″ print on 8″x10″ matt
  3. Hand signed on the front


  1. Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (reusable, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  2. Shipped within 5-8 business days


This drawing was channeled through me during the long walks I went for in Downtown Houston.

It was the Universe nudging me to do something. To step up. To start expressing my unique gifts. To keep asking why.It was a small step towards living my Truth. And each step brought me closer to my Purpose.New lessons from the Divine emerged on paper as I continued asking the Universe “What’s my purpose in life?”. My desire by sharing these drawings is to help you get tiny bit closer to uncovering your purpose.

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