Sweet memories of Da Nang

Da Nang – a small beach town in Viet Nam. Our stay in this beautiful town was short and sweet. We spent a day exploring the beaches, walking along the shore, and sitting in stillness absorbing the quietness of this place. When the sun set we started to walk back to our hotel. It was

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Hiking and biking in Mai Chau village

Mai Chau – a quiet district in Northern Viet Nam. Surrounded by hills, this district is adorned with beautiful rice fields and vegetable farms. We spent two days hiking and biking the streets of Mai Chau. The views from up the hill are breathtaking. The villages are full of farmers working in the fields, grazing their cows,

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Stop and enjoy morning’s glory!

Mornings….the most glorious part of every day. Each new day brings about a fresh start. As the sun starts painting the sky with shades of golden orange and the morning dew on leaves and flowers starts to wash away, the freshness in air reminds us to take a deep breath and pay our gratitude to this universe for

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Enchanting beauty of Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay located in the Quang Ninh Province of Northern Vietnam reminded us of Milford Sound in New Zealand. Hundreds of limestone formations make cruising in the bay even more beautiful. We spent a day in the boat watching the sky, the water, the birds, fishermen and just chilling 🙂 The thing is no day spent

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