About Us

Our Mission & Vision

You are here to live a beautiful, purposeful life.

And we are here to help you with that.

Our vision is to make your everyday ordinary moments extraordinary. Fill those moments with color, beauty and YOU-ness. And make it easy for you to reconnect with your path and purpose.

We believe nothing should come between YOU and your BOLD intentions.

Not even your long to-do’s and the everyday busyness. 

I AM mantra Scarf - Purple scarf with affirmations

All LOVELEEN™ designs are colorful nudges to your Soul.

An invitation to pause in the midst of a busy day. To soak in the vibrant hues. To take a deep breath. And re-focus on your reason of being & doing. 

I am confident orange purple scarf

Our Founder

Loveleen Saxena was more than 10 years into a career in construction when she felt a nudge to doodle on her lunch break. That surprise calling turned into a daily ritual, and before long Loveleen was selling her prints at local markets—and a business was born.

Now a full-time self-taught artist, designer, entrepreneur and imperfect environmentalist, Loveleen’s doodles are no longer limited to her lunch hour. 

Putting pen to paper is her spiritual practice, where she channels teachings into artwork that eventually graces her scarves, tea towels, journals, coasters and more. 

When she isn’t lifting the world through her spiritual art, Loveleen is curled up with some coffee in her Houston home, probably having deep conversations with her husband (or her plants).

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you join the vibrant world of LOVELEEN™ designs! 


Created with purpose, to inspire yours.

Life is busy. World is noisy. Keep our vibrant products around you, and you’ll only be a glance away from reconnecting with your Why. 

I am worthy and worth it line drawing

Our Design Process

Starts with a hand-drawn doodle.

Doodling is Loveleen's ritual for meditating on spiritual teachings and expressing them in the form of art.

We then transform these doodles into eye-catching patterns. And with help of our  manufacturing partners, these patterns turn into products you can use in your everyday!

All our products are purposefully created, with maximalist patterns & deliberate color choices.

Giving each product a specific intention to connect with on your own journey.

Pink and black scarf - Gateway to Divine Modal Scarf

Living with BOLD intention is a journey of BEing.

Being in awe, gratitude, wonder and joy. Being a full participant in your journey of life. It’s not always easy. That’s why you need LOVELEEN™. We create goodies to help you stay on course. 

Our Products

Are vibrant art, gifts and accessories to help you live with BOLD intention.

All LOVELEEN™ designs are timeless treasures that grab your attention and lift your spirit. 

Everything has been created with you and Mother Earth in mind. Each one crafted from hand-drawn doodles and infused with intention, they’re the little reminders we all need in the everyday to stay connected to our inner power. 

Whether it’s a Mantra scarf that inspires joy during your morning routine, or a gratitude dish towel in your kitchen reminding you to give thanks while you dry dishes…LOVELEEN™ designs are soul nudges to help you stay focused on any intention. 


Our vibrant products will shift your energy and elevate your Soul.

We LOVE color. And we are not afraid to use it. Strong hues radiate a positive energy you can’t ignore. As you go about your day, you’ll be drawn to our bright creations—as will others (just wait and see).

Our Earth-friendly Practices

Positive intention drives every choice at LOVELEEN™

From the materials we use to the way we ship your purchase, everything has been considered with you and Mother Earth in mind.  

Small batch production

We only manufacture our products in small-batches and limited quantities. This helps us avoid overproduction and creating textile waste that ends up in landfills and pollutes our planet. When we get imperfect fabrics, we upcycle them with help of our design partner Magpies & Peacocks.

Eco-friendly materials

What we wear and surround ourselves with matters. That's why we use eco-friendly luxe fabrics such as Lenzing Modal and Organic cotton, that we know you'll love to hold and admire each day. We use low-impact inks to print our textiles and always looking for better options.

Waste free packaging

Every LOVELEEN™ product arrives elegantly wrapped and ready to be gifted, along with some extra special touches. From using recycled materials to wrap each item, to carbon-neutral shipping using reusable boxes or mailers, we strive to make our packaging Joyful and waste-free.

We are imperfect environmentalists, tree-huggers and nature lovers. We believe that every small step in the right direction counts.

Ways we give back

Earth collection green mountain art

Every product plants a tree.

LOVELEEN™ is proud to partner with One Tree Planted, an organization working to restore forests, create habitat for biodiversity, and make a positive social impact around the world through the simple act of planting trees. 

So far we’ve planted 2,486 trees (& counting). 

Other non-profit organizations we support are Self Realization Fellowship, Create A Bright Life, CAMARADA The Chamber Music Ensemble, World Wildlife Fund and PETA.

No matter which LOVELEEN™ item you purchase, it does more than lift your spirit—it raises the vibe of our planet.

Are you a non-profit interested in partnering? Email us

Modal Scarf pink and green Into her eyes

Live with BOLD intention

Life is too precious to live any other way.

And if you’re new to the idea of living with Intention, do this ⬇

Pick an intention you want to deepen right now and shop a product that makes your heart sing. As you use the product, repeat that intention mentally and feel it in your heart. 

For more tips read this blog and get on our list by putting your name & email below! We send emails filled with good juju 💜

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