Hey there! ​I'm Loveleen.

I make Spiritual Art for the Self-Aware human, a.k.a You.

I make Spiritual Art for the Self-Aware human, a.k.a You.

You landed on this page cause your soul is nudging you & you can’t ignore it anymore. Let me guess…

You’re here for one of these reasons:

1. You’ve embarked this infamous journey of spiritual growth. You know in your gut that inner work & living your Truth is THE ONLY WAY to live an abundant life. You’re seeking answers to these deeper questions.

2. You’ve changed but your lifestyle hasn’t. You no longer resonate with things you loved few years back. Be it your style, your attitude, your home, your work or even your friends! Everything in your life right now echoes the older version of you. And you’re so ready to transform that.

3. You’re dreaming bigger. You are changing the world. You are inspiring others. You are shining your light. You’re finally living in tune with your Truth. You’re ready to celebrate that with the world.

And that's exactly why I'm here!

I make art. And ALL the love, calm & joy I experience in meditation is poured into the process of making it.
Then I transform this art into lifestyle pieces that can be your bff on this spiritual journey.

Each lifestyle piece embodies a particular Essence. A Divine Truth. And it's innate energy is meant to remind you of that Essence within You.

So when you’re journaling about what’s your Truth, you can pick up my art, dig deep & reflect upon the hidden messages.
And when this noisy world can no longer give you the answers you seek, you can hibernate in your sacred space & have soulful conversations with my spiritual art.

My lifestyle pieces are those timeless treasures that'll uplift you & remind you of your Divine Truth, your Essence.

But how can my art manage all that? It can. Cause it's a fusion of...


It’s my tool of self-expression. It’s helped me love & accept myself unconditionally.


If it wasn’t for meditation, I won’t be making art & talking about self-love.

Life Lessons

We’re on a unique journey that’s filled with lessons. Mine choose to show up in art.

But how can my art manage all that? It can. Cause it's a fusion of...

1. Strolling through Houston downtown one hot & humid afternoon, a little voice in me said, “Loveleen, bring a journal & pen along next time”. I obliged. I had no idea this simple shift would turn my life upside down, in an extraordinary way.

2. I can be annoyingly optimistic & woo-woo at times. I can’t help it. And I love that.

3. I’m a self-taught artist who traded a steady job & a successful career with time for making art, spreading creativity & pursuing what brings me joy.

4. My husband and I took our first big leap of faith when we quit our jobs in 2014 to backpack 10 countries for 7 months. Talking about it still lights me up. You can read about our adventures here.

5. “Me” time is my necessity. Sitting by the window, cuddled in a handmade throw, sipping a cup of coffee from my favorite mug & gazing at the sky fuels my soul.

6. To indulge in my creative side I studied architecture. To satisfy my analytical side I worked in construction. Now I’m learning to serve both.

7. I’ve always loved animals. But “eating” those I “love” stopped making sense 3 years back. I blame it on meditation & my husband. Turning vegan was a no-brainer.

8. You know what makes my ego extremely grumpy? My creative process. It’s simple. I don’t control what comes through. I don’t plan. I don’t erase. I let my pen follow my heart & soul. I just keep making lines, dots & shapes.

9. I NEVER leave the house without my stainless-steel straws, reusable bottle, bags and a couple to-go containers. Plastic pollution is real. And I’m trying to walk the talk.

10. My morning ritual is all thanks to Doga (my brother’s boston terrier). Playing at 4am was his “thing” as a pup. He grew out of it, I didn’t. He even inspired me to create Doga Doodles.

11. I LOVE deep conversations. Especially with plants. They just get me.

12. Creativity has helped me reconnect to my Truth. It’s taught me what school curriculum couldn’t. Like it’s ok to be imperfect. It’s ok to make mistakes as long as I learn from them. It’s taught me to let go of control. To trust my gut. And to be patient.

And that's what my art can do for you.

To nudge you to dig deep and to explore your Essence.

To support you as you reconnect with your Essence.

And to celebrate you as you embody your Essence.

~be love – be You~

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